How do I change my desktop from icewm to the one I started with in opensuse ?

When I turn on my computer it takes me to a grey login screen that says and at the bottom is a white box with numbers and codes and when I log in I have icewm desktop I want my old desktop back with the control panel and yast settings and kde I can’t even switch sessions I do t know what’s wrong with my computer

I assume you use auto login. Try longing out and select KDE at the login screen.

There is nowhere I can select kde when I turn my computer on it goes to a weird. Login screen not auto login

When booting a live CD or live USB, the system usually comes up as “”. You might check whether you have a bootable CD or DVD or USB plugged in, and perhaps your BIOS is booting that.

Just a wild guess here.

Whats a bios ?

It’s the built-in code that runs when you first boot a computer, before an operating system has been loaded. Or try looking at the Wikipedia entry.