How do I change mount method?

While upgrading from 10.3 to 11.1, I get error message to the effect of:

/dev/md0 mounted by kernel device name…change mount by method to any other

/dev/md0 is a two-disk RAID with reiserfs for my Linux system.

fstab tells me:
/dev/md0 / reiserfs defaults 1 1

Can anyone tell me where to change what so my system boots correctly? Please?


Same problem. The error message is not very helpful.

You’re just not familiar with it. :wink:

All it is telling you is that partitions identified by “device-name” - e.g., sda - are better off named with a persistent identifier - like volume-label or UUID. There are 4 possibles; you can see them in the fstab options in YaST Partitioner. In openSUSE, the default has been changed to dev-by-id which uses the disk serial number + partition number.

Having said all that, md0 is a RAID virtual partition, and really doesn’t need to be changed this way. You won’t see that message again, it was just an alert. So leave fstab be. But should you want to change it, I suggest using volume-label. Again, you can do that in YaST Partitioner and it will change fstab for you.

I got the error message wrong (bad handwriting). The message says some points on /dev/md0 are mounted as stated.

I “OK’d” through them, and went ahead with the install. Now, whenever I boot, an error message comes up saying ‘no valid root directory’ , changes to /bin/sh and just sits there. If I type ‘exit’ the boot will continue, but I get error messages about ‘unable to contact configuration server’ when I start a session (root or user )

I’m almost frustrated enough to start over and reinstall, but I don’t want to lose all my info:(

If you have a LiveCD that can connect to the net, use that for the following. Otherwise, use the DVD Rescue System. In a terminal, or in Rescue at the command line as root, do:

cat /etc/fstab

and post that back here. Only need to see the actual partitions, not the proc, sys, devpts, usb lines.

Okay, got that problem fixed. I had to go into YAST partitioner and change the mount method for 3 partitions (including the RAID).

But I still get the hang on boot where it doesn’t see the root partition, exits to /bin/sh and halts, but if I type ‘exit’ it will continue.

Then there are the messages about missing gconfig files. I can’t get my e-mail (evolution) to work, FireFox bombs at random, and YaST goes zombie if I try to install anything.

I am about to do a complete reinstall, if I can get everything backed up.>:(

Sorry to say, sounds as if something is borked in the file system. On another thread problems with reiserfs in an upgrade, fixed by switching to ext3. Maybe? I would mount the filesystem(s) from a LiveCD or the DVD Rescue System and explore it, umount them and run diagnostics. Or do a clean install and restore user files from backup.