How Do I Change Firefox Default Application?


I normally use Konqueror, but am trying Firefox. How do I change default application from Evolution to Kontact/Kmail? I have gone to preferences applications mailto, but am not sure how I point to Kontact/Kmail. I am obviously pointing it in the wrong direction. Could somebody please give me directions?


Configure your desktop->Default applications

Yes, I mean within Firefox however. It is set to evolution, my default otherwise is Kmail. So, when using Firefox when I click on an e-mail to link, nothing happens because I don’t have Evolution.


Type about:config into the Firefox’s address bar, accept that there Be Dragons Here, type external into the filter and find; network.protocol-handler.external.mailto and change it from false to true (ie. double click on it) and see if it helps.

The setting is already true. I can go into Firefox preferences and change it there, but I am not exactly sure how to point to my Kmail application, (where it is exactly).


Follow what I said.

Or you can also change in


Thank you turbowei I can get there no problem but when I click on mailto, Kmail is not an option. I have to pick other and then direct it to Kmail. Where on my computer do I point it to Kmail. I thought I found the correct path a few times, but it still won’t open when I click on an e-mail link.