How do I adjust monitor contrast on laptop in openSUSE 13.1 KDE?

I cannot find how to adjust monitor contrast, only brightness, in openSUSE 13.1 KDE. Where can I change this setting?

Can you not adjust the gamma via KDE System Settings >> Hardware >> Display and Monitor? Assuming you’re not talking about a laptop display, you should also be able to adjust the contrast directly via the monitor menu.

I ran into this a few weeks ago…

After scratching my head for a bit, I reached over to the monitor and turned some knobs (On other monitors, a menu on screen can be invoked).

In other words, this is something to be adjusted on the monitor, not software running on the computer (generally speaking).
Amusing how this isn’t readily apparent to us, we are so used to settings in the computer system…


The OP is referring to a laptop, so assuming not an externally-attached monitor, they’ll almost certainly need to tweak for ‘System Settings’.

Ah, did not realize it was called “Gamma” and not “contrast”. thanks!

It’s not strictly the same, but altering the gamma can effectively be used to separate or compress the darks to the user’s perception (preference). Along with the colour gain adjustments, one can effectively get the image brightness and contrast to the levels required.

Some reading:

Gamma, Contrast, and Brightness

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Oh, then how do I change the contrast? Is it not possible?

No, not directly, but I’m sure if you adjust the gamma and/or colour gains a little, you’ll get the result you’d like.