How do I add mp3 for Audacity?

Sceanrio: Childs homework requires the use of Audacity. Of course all other students working on the project with him have Windows. So I need mp3 supported with Audacity.

Error message box, “you have compiled Audacity without mp3 support”

Downloaded from: YAST with an additional plug-ins (I think).

What I need: How do I add mp3 support, or compile it for Audacity?

Does anyone have experience with this program? And have mp3 importing and playing within it also?

Please advise, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Where did you get audacity from I only had a quick look at the packman version, but I don’t think it is disabled it looks to require libmad which iirc is what is needed.

rpm -Qi audacity (iirc) or look in yast if it has pm in the version then you have packman version and the error is mine.

FeatherMonkey, It appears I have the Suse OSS version. There is a packman version available also, but I do not believe that is the one I have. Does it make a difference? Should I remove it and then try the packman version?

Also, is it because it is a linux version, it just will not come with mp3 support?

Sorry, to calify, yes, I used YAST and searched it. Installed.

Yes it will make a difference it shouldn’t be a linux version but suse vs packman problem. All (Official)Suse media programs are crippled due to legality worries(Wiki restricted formats).

Its more than possible to play mp3 therefore it should work fine I only looked at the spec file, but I can’t imagine it would depend on libmad if it didn’t need it(Not to mention I would of expected a disable mp3 configure flag but there is no flags used).

ok, Yast asks if I want to upgrade to the packman version. I am going to try it. I know there is a better way in Yast2 to do package switch or something, but I am to unfamiliar with that. So I am going to just try to upgrade it. I will post if becomes unstable or still does not support mp3 in a few minutes.

Might want to have a read of the sticky there is a couple of tricks to get full media playback support on Suse due to this policy.

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I would expect a few conflicts and resolutions needed. Generally take the packman ones if they arise as version conflicts.

FeatherMonkey, thank you so much for your help!! I did upgrade to the Packman Version via Yast, and it works perfectly now. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

No problem easy when you know.