how do I add missing bootable OS to Grub2?

I have recently installed Tumbleweed (approx. 15.1?). Additionally the system has two other OS installed, windows Vista and openSuse 15. Neither of those other systems are on the Grub2 menu. How can I correct this? What files do you need to help?


UUID=6676a0f4-bea4-443e-8ac2-dcf46bfff68c       /                            ext4        noatime             0    1
UUID=95560983-e4b1-42a7-87b3-b2e20c8feb77    swap                      swap       noatime            0    2
UUID=0652B937439E6BDA                                 /backup                  ntfs        defaults             0    0
UUID=c541ebcd-e14c-4c3e-836f-556c27e93e14    /openSuse15_root    ext4       defaults             0    2
UUID=420EFA6B0EFA56FF                                 /windows-D             ntfs        defaults             0    0
UUID=F84ECD3B4ECCF402                                /windows-C             ntfs        defaults             0    0
UUID=9e4b2cbe-4227-49f6-bc01-c133785b592d     /home                    ext4        data=ordered,acl,user_xattr     0    2

by drives:

sda1 UUID=F84ECD3B4ECCF402  /windows-C  ntfs-3g
sda2 UUID=fb05c33c-387e-406e-807a-a207b0b456d9  /  ext4
sda4 UUID=8cb644ab-cb4b-4b33-a40a-e2435c652c9c  /Tumbleweed_root  ext4
sda3 UUID=95560983-e4b1-42a7-87b3-b2e20c8feb77  swap  swap
sdb1 UUID=b0b0e582-f069-48ac-b09f-4ae5a1e23cea  /home  ext4
sdb2 UUID=0652B937439E6BDA  /backups  ntfs-3g
sdc1 UUID=420EFA6B0EFA56FF  /windows-D  ntfs-3g
sdc2 UUID=00833188-e95f-4704-87eb-e32da51120c7  /openSuse15_root  ext4


In YaST’s bootloader module: make sure “Probe for foreign OS” is checked.
Please show;

sudo os-prober

I have noticed that, with the new installer, sometimes other systems don’t show up in the grub menu. But, after booting the newly installed system I can run (as root):

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

and that usually fixes the problem.

thank you, That seemed to fix it.