How do I add an application to the panel

I am just starting with openSUSE and have read the documentation, which tells me that Panel->Add->Applet->Application Launcher will let me add an application to the panel.

There seems to be no such option, other than to Add Widgets.

I have a program, which I have installed, and runs, but I can’t see how to put it on the panel.

I can do this in Ubuntu, but can’t find the equivalent.

I have to assume you are using kde4.
If there is a launcher for the application in the menu, with the desktop widgets unlocked (right click the desktop)
Find the launcher in the menu and drag it carefully to the panel.

Use the cashew in the right corner to expand the panel and you can then move the launcher where you want it.

There is no launcher, the application is an executable installed in /usr/local/bin

This is a gtk+ program which runs from terminal.

If I need to make a launcher I would be quite happy to do this, if you could point me in the right direction.

I think this is easy in KDE-4.3.5 on openSUSE-11.2, if I understand the question.

Right click on the desktop and unlock the widgets.

Then, say you wish to put application on plasma desktop folder. Right click on plasma, and select “create new” and “link to application” and simply fill in as appropriate.

This sounds very similar to “Add widget to desktop”.

If you click on the link and watch the short animated gif, you’ll see a “K” icon on the left-hand side. I’m assuming if you have KDE 4 installed, that icon will be there on the panel. This is the Application Launcher.

If Widgets are locked, right-click the desktop, and click “Unlock Widgets”. There’s a short animated gif showing how: “Unlock Widgets”.

The procedure for adding a widget to the panel is different then adding an application to the panel. When you click the Application Launcher, it expands. Find the application you want to add, right-click, and on the menu click “Add to Panel”. If you just wanted the application on the desktop, you’d left-click and drag it to the desktop. If you don’t want the Application Launcher widget on the panel after you added the application you wanted, just remove the Application Launcher widget.
Similar to this procedure: Remove widget [1]

You mention Ubuntu. Ubuntu’s desktop is Gnome. Ubuntu doesn’t have a KDE desktop per se. They have another distribution called Kubuntu. With OpenSUSE, you install OpenSUSE and select which desktop GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc.

This might help learn about KDE’s plama desktop: Plasma - KDE UserBase


I’m not sure if I understand the question 100% right, but if you want to add your own “shortcut” of an application to the existing kde4 menu you can just right-click on the menu icon and choose menu-editor, then create your custom entry,any way you want it (parameters/working dirs/icons…). :wink:

Millways 2,
Here’s how it’s done.
Let’s start by saying you want to install an app called PCToaster OK?
1.right click the Kmenu Menu Editor click that
3.Now let’s say you want to put PCToaster in Utilities, select Utilities from the left pane in the box that shows up click Utilities
4.Click New Item in the tool bar
5.a box will show up Item Name Type in PCToaster click OK for Name type PCToaster, for Description once again type PCToaster the Command click the floppy icon in your case select Root from the left pane & click the OK’s until you get to where you can start PCToaster select it click OK the Save in the toolbar watch & wait for the update configuration,close Menu editor
8. Done! If all has gone well you’ll be able to go Kmenu>Applications>Utilities> PCToaster click that & PCToaster starts

I think that’s what you’re after.
Finally I see that you’re new here Welcome to OpenSuSe & its Forum Hope you like us!:slight_smile:

I should have mentioned at the start, I am using openSUSE 11.2 KDE 4.3.1 running on VirtualBox. (I am trying a number of distributions.)

The above looks like it should work, but after step 7 I get a DialogBox with a ProgressBar which displays “Updating system configuration”. This gets to 95% then jumps back to 5% and repeats until I cancel. This happens with any change in the Menu Editor, even if I Save without making any changes.

Thanks, I have managed to create a Desktop Shortcut (but can’t find any way to select an icon for it.

What I was really trying to do is the equivalent of Right-click Panel/Add to Panel/Custom Application Launcher in Ubuntu/GNOME

I gather I can only do this by dragging from the Menu (which I have done for existing applications) but I am having difficulty putting my app in the menu.

Right click the shortcut - properties
click the icon in the top left of the properties box and change accordingly