How do I access Xfce desktop after installation?

I am new to Linux and trying to breathe some life into an old laptop I have (PIII, 256MB). I have tried Xubuntu for a little while and would like to see if the Xfce desktop will speed up openSUSE. I used YaST to install the desktop package and as far as I can tell it is installed but I cannot find where or how to configure it to become my default desktop. Is there a utility to do this or do I need to edit text files? The only thing I have found so far is the sysconfig editor - if that is what I need what is the desktop manager entry for Xfce?

Thanks for helping out a Linux/openSUSE newb.

If you have a graphical log in manager such as GDM or KDM (which you should have, unless you’ve tried not to), I think it should be there as an option under ‘sessions’ when you’re actually logging in.

Also, with KDE and gnome you need the ‘base’ as well as the ‘desktop’ patterns. This may also be true of XFCE. If it doesn’t work, that’s worth checking…

If you want xfce to be your default you can add it in yast2 in
yast2-system-/etc/sysconfig editor-window manager-DEFAULT_WM-startxfce4