How do I access the Forum index within the English category?

I like to look at all the sub-forums with their last post ect. Now I can not find a way to do that.

@Knightron_2 just click on the Category title, in this case English :wink:

Or you can change yor bookmark to this:

How can I see all those sub category last posts with either of these suggestions?

From the menu on the top right beside the login or your avatar.
If you want to see whole categories click “categories(55 more…)”.
There is also on top center of the page…

I just tried what you suggested. Did you even use the previous interface? You just recommended I do another method of what you’d previously recommended.

Do you not understand what I’m saying?

Maybe I didn’t , Sorry. Well What I do is in the sub forums at the top of the page you’ll see “new”
When you click it you will see the latest posts. It’s up to you to change the categories at the top and then click “new” after. I still get confuse too. there are three boxes at the top that you have to change which I find it annoying.

I can tell you what I have done.

I went to “Preferences” and clicked “Categories”. Then on the box for “Tracked”, I clicked the “+”. And then I selected all of the English forums that I want to follow.

After that, any unread post in those categories will show up on the main page under “Unread”.

Thanks for telling me what you have done, now let me tell you what I want to do. I don’t want to track, I want to view and possibly contribute, but you’re taking that away from me.

You did not mention about “track”. Sorry I can’t read your mind. Your original post tells about a different subject.
I point it to you and you will see it in those places it’s only how to choose the right one. Anyway my apologies for offending you.

When I click “English” in the “All Categories” box at the top of the page, I get this:

This sounds like what you’re wanting to see. From here, you can click “New” to see the new posts in the entire category (including subcategories), or you can click “Latest” (chosen by default) to see the latest threads. You can also choose a subcategory to see just the new/latest posts within that subcategory as well.

This sounds like what you want to do, unless I’m misunderstanding.

In menu (open burger) at the top right there is an option for keyboard shortcuts.
Example G+L is latest and G+N is new posts.

How do I post a new question? This is my first time with this new-fangled fancy, dancy interface and I am blocked from making a new post. Luckily, I can reply to posts. I need to figure out how come some recent (last few days) update DISABLED my file sharing. I’m dead in the water!!!

At the very top of the home page, there’s a button labelled “+ New Topic” - top right of the middle part of the page.

Too obvious. :frowning: I have the slashed red circle appear when I hover over it and it won’t let me click.
(recheck my sanity)
Something changed and I don’t get that slashed circle now. There had to have been some disablement timeout, likely because I hadn’t used this form of the forum before? Anyway, it’s working now and wasn’t before. Thanks.

I guess it works now. Must have been some disablement timeout that has timed out now.
I put this same text into the last comment with the “edit” feature, but when I clicked “save”, this new text disappeared. I recommend rethinking this forum software.
<<<I scrolled the background and lo and behold, the text is there>>>
I recommend rethinking this forum software – again.

I’d have to look at the settings, but that might be something that’s set up as an anti-spam measure (to prevent spammers from just signing up for an account and then spamming). That’s fairly common in forum software in general. In any event, glad that you are now able to post. :slight_smile:

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We do. What you and other participants apparently do not realize - what is shown depends on user settings. You do not show what you see and do not explain why what you see is wrong from your point of view, so you get answers based on what others see.

But as far as I can tell there is no way to actually do what you want. Here is extreme example:
Снимок экрана от 2022-12-17 12-30-43

While when I chose any subcategory

Hint - I configured German and all subcategories as Muted … for English I also see only topics from those subcategories I set as Tracking and do not see others I set as Muted, I have to explicitly select them.

I do not know whether this is intentional behavior or a bug.

By definition, categories that you mute are categories you don’t want to see. If you want to see them, you have to unmute them.

  1. This is irrelevant here. This was used as example that what user sees depends on user’s settings. There are dozens other settings that may affect amount of information that user sees.
  2. What definition says is “topics in this category … will not appear in the latest”. If this is true, you just confirmed what I said - there is no universal way to see full list of topics.
  3. The behavior that I observe does not match “definition”. If I enter muted category I see topics in this category.

I do not want to be notifed about anything that happens in these categories. It does not mean I do not want to see them.