How do I access my windows7 partition on openSUSE11.4

I just installed it.
On the dual boot screen my windows7 partitions show up but nowhere on openSUSE

I haven’t checked if my windows7 partition boots though,

Did you install kde or gnome?

i installed gnome

i did a quick google search and got some steps that i tried in terminal.
i got this

Forget that. It’s not needed.

Now. Slow down. You are working on wireless too.

In that thread I am getting you to run updates, which is important. But the updates break a file. We’ll get back to that. But in Gnome, if you open the file browser, on the left there is ‘Places’, there you should see some file systems listed. One of them will be your windows installation (there may also be some other windows partitions that you may or may not know about)

So did you run updates yet or not
And can you see what I mean from that image?

I found my windows partition. Thank you so much.
I’m used to having to mount the partition manually on ubuntu.
Thanks a lot for helping me on this.

Like I said though. The update breaks a file. But you need to update. Once you have. Open a terminal aand type:

gnomesu gedit /etc/filesystems

enter your password when requested
you need to add ntfs, so it looks like this:


Do I do this now or wait until I’m done with wireless?

I think the wireless may take some time.
Ideally you should wait for someone with more wireless experience, such as user @lwfinger

But if you can’t access your ntfs partition, you can edit the file now.