How could I get oxygen-appmenu working ? [KDE - kde-look]

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve been googling a lot to understand how to get this work.
However, nothing in the feedback could help me… I have this version of qt installed and tried many ways of installing the “appmenu” thing. From tgz found on kde-look and from this .rpm… Still, none of them ever works… :’(

Did someone succeed in installing it ? 'cause I’m loosing hope to ever see it work… :-/

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Your QT needs to be patched with

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Ok, thanks malcolm :slight_smile:
But, next question : how do I actually patch Qt ?..

PS : how do I setup a signature like yours to my messages in the forum ?

Probably a time consuming job as I’m guessing you need to patch then rebuild the qt suff (I’m a gnome user). You might try asking in either the KDE mailing list or IRC channel as someone may have already done it;
openSUSE:Communication channels - openSUSE
openSUSE Mailinglist Archive: opensuse-kde

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