How change the number of levels the volume jumps up/down when pressing volume keys on keyboard?

When I press the volume up/down keys on the keyboard, the volume jumps 5 levels (spots?). This is too much. And grabbing the slider also seems to jump this amount as well. How do i set the amount each button press jumps it?

openSUSE 13.2

And your DE is…

If you’re using KDE 4, in ~/.kde4/share/config/kmixrc , you change the "VolumePercentageStep= " value to whatever you’d like. I believe the default is 5%…I prefer slightly more granularity so had set mine at 3%

If you’re using Plasma 5 … then I’m not sure if its user configurable at the moment (though I’d rather wish it were, as its definitely using 5% increments again … hopefully when the new volume applet in 5.4 is released (see there might be some sort of such setting)