How can Yast be installed on opensuse?

There was no option to install Yast control panel while doing the opensuse install so my question is how to instal yast with opensuse,
now I have opensuse installed on my server but yast di dnot come with it,
would you have some tutoral on how to integrate then yast to opensuse?

YaST comes, automatically installed with openSUSE. In desktop environments, such as KDE and GNOME it has a nice GUI. In installations like a server where there may not be a GUI, YaST is ncurses, or text mode. As root user simply type yast and it will launch.

I did not mean yast for desktop but I meant yast for web servers and not desktop.
So is yast avalable for webservers?

Don’t just read a couple words, but read the entirety of the message. In my initial response I gave you the answer. What you fail to understand is that YaST is core to openSUSE.

Further to what Jonathan has already mentioned, you might start with some reading

Do you mean WebYaST?

Jonathan_R is that question akin to “does gentoo come with portage?”

LOL Yes it is!