How can open kde or gnome desktop in a X server?

What I try is to execute Linux programs from Windows. What I do:

  • I run an X Sever in Windows (Xmin).
  • I connect to Linux server using putty.
  • Stablish DISPLAY to Windows X Server.
  • Run Linux application.

Really, what I do for simplifying the work is create, in a shared folder, Windows direct access to do this work.
Ex: I create a link called “tora - Run Oracle Administration Tool.lnk”.

When users want to run Tora in Windows, they don’t have to install it. Just press the link and it runs a .cmd which does the previous operations. So users can run konsole, LibreOffice, tora, … and all Linux programs as if they where installed in Windows Clients. And as the Linux and Windows computers are joined to Active Directory, each users access has its own configuration for each program.

Thus, they can try this programs without having to install them.

Can you understand now?

So as I can run all Linux programs… Why not allowing to run a remote desktop (I know I can do it with Vnc, Xrdp, NX, …)
If user run “konsole”, a Linux konsole is open in Windows client. And then he can open X programs (I don’t create links for all Linux programs, so the can run the konsole link and run any program).
After displaying konsole, if I type “konqueror”, konqueror is opened in Windows client.

If type kdesktop, desktop of kde is open, but the menu bar, tool bar doesn’t appear…

Here is an image:

I detail it:

  • My client is a Windows 7.
  • Open a konsole in a remote linux (titled shell-konsole)
  • Run kdesktop command.
  • A new window titled “KDE Desktop” is opened.

But no menu or application bar is opened. An it doesn’t takes my configuration (my configuration is Spanish).

How can I add menu and application bar to that desktop?

Sorry, only I had to run was kicker.


Try to run a NX server on Linux (either NoMachine or FreeNX) and open a session from a Windows computer with the NoMachine client, which is free an available for Windows or Mac OSX.

Both work fine (and can also be both installed and listen on different SSH ports). FreeNX has an unlimited number of client connections, while the free version of NoNachine server is limited to one connection.