How can one set up Dial-Up connection in OpenSUSE 10.3

Hallo!I have been trying to set up a dial-up connection using HUAWEI FWT Wireless Modem telephone in my OpenSUSE 10.3.The dial-up connection works perfectly in Windows but Linux cannot
even detect the modem in the sysinfo:/ page.

I have tried to configure the modem from Yast->Network Devices->Modem.In the Modem Parameters Dialog,I configured as below

Modem Device as /dev/modem/.I have also tried the /dev/ttyS0 option

Dial Prefix :None.I have also tried the #777 call number

Dial Mode as Tone Dialling.

In the Select Internet Service provider Dialog,I have entered the Custom provider as Telkomwireless.

In the Provider Parameter’s Dialog,I have set the Provider Name as Telkomwireless,Phone Number as #777 Username as telkomwireless and password as telkom.

I am also not sure as to whether to use KnetworkManager or Kinternet.I have tried both options.

How can I solve my problem?In Windows the following settings work

ISP Provider:Telkomwireless
Phone Number:#777

Please respond to my inquiry as soon as possible and I will be infinitely grateful.Thanks in advance.

If that’s your REAL username and password please delete it