How can keep manual ips when switch to automatic and come back

Hello all ,
In the wired connection setting I always use manual method in ipv4 tab and add many of my devices IPs range . some times I need to switch to Auto mode method . when I come back to manual mode , all of my Ips and gateways cleared :’(
I need my suse keep them . Also how can I backup and restore my manual IPs list if I need?

You don’t indicate the connection method (wicked, NetworkManager?) or Desktop…

In Gnome NetworkManager I just create profiles with the settings I want (manual, dhcp etc) and then select as required.

Whatever method you used to switch from Static to Auto, use that same method to switch back to Static,
Then restart your network with the following command

systemctl restart network

You can then check your new network settings, eg with the following commands

ip addr && ip route

And test your DNS resolution.


Thanks dear , but its not my problem
please see my eth0 network configuration screen shot :

I am using many of networks different range , so I added many addresses and netmasks in manual method .
If its necessary to switch to Auto mode and come back to Manual mode , all of my addresses will be remove and I should add them again
How can I keep my list of Addresses , when switch to auto mode method and come back to manual mode ???

If you want to <retain> network settings,
Then as Malcolm suggests you need to switch to using Network Manager.

When you use Wicked, it does not retain network settings whenever there are any kind of change.