How can I use Yast to configure my monitors?

The “Hardware” section does not have a “graphics card/monitor” section.
The recent update decided to swap my monitors for me and the physical connections go through a monitor stand. That means it is more than a little nuisance to swap the cables. Disconnecting the back of the computer is also less than fun. It would be easiest to just tell Yast to use the monitors the same way that it has been using them for the past 6 years. But still, the “Hardware Information” section can correctly identify the two monitors, so why is Yast unwilling to let me configure them?

ALSO: I updated my login last year and now your web site is refusing my old credentials. Consequently, I’m a newbie again.

Monitors are usually configured within the desktop environment. Which DE are you using?

For Gnome:

For KDE:

System Settings > Hardware > Display and Monitor


For GNOME it’s Settings -> Displays :wink:

Yep, as shown in the guide? :wink:

Arandr can be used regardless of DE or WM.

For sure, (as can xrandr CLI), but the main point is it gets done within the user’s desktop session.

Thank you all. Enough years go by between having to reconfigure monitors that remembering that “System Settings” is under “Settings” and other system stuff gets set under “System” gets hazy. The “Wacom Tablet finder” is under both. (Bless them.) Oh, KDE, BTW.

Still begs the question of why somebody changed something so that my monitors flipped. (And why my old login (“bkorb”) was disabled.)

Maybe you didn’t respond (migr during the forum changes last year. It was posted on the
Did you forget your account credentials? User bkorb still exists (last post May 2021)