how can i update my desktop themes?

i have about 20 desktop theme installed on my system (openSUSE 12.1)
is there any way that i get awareness (an alert) of new version of any installed theme?
how can i update my installed desktop themes?

If those desktop themes were installed thru the opensuse repositories
and the repositories are always enable you can track down if there
are new updates. However if it were taken from elsewhere you have
to manually verify by checking the site where you got the theme.

And if it were via “get hot new stuff” (KGHNS) ie, via the provided gui for getting new themes/colours/whatever then currently it will not notify you of updates to stuff you have installed. I’m not even sure it can do updates - the only options are: Install (if you have not got it) or Uninstall (if you have).

My guess is an uninstall/install would work, ymmv.

And “Get Hot New Stuff” is such an awful name it makes small kittens commit suicide :frowning: