How can I uninstall an app without leaving traces?


How can I uninstall an app without leaving traces? I mean: months ago I have installed Geary mail, but I didn’t like and remove it with zypper rm. But today, I decided to give another chance and I installed Geary again and the app opened with all my configurations ready, because of the last installation.

So, the question is: how can I remove an application without traces? I want to remove all previous configurations and so one… Should I delete ./cache and others hidden folders in /home?

Many thanks

I expect that the only traces left are in user settings.

If you remove “.config” and “.cache” that will lose your settings for other software. Best it to just find the specific files for the software that you removed, and delete only those.

I do occasionally make a fresh start. To do that, I logout of the desktop, and use CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to a terminal (or maybe I login to Icewm desktop). And then I remove
.config .cache .local .gtk*
and similar settings files and directories. Note that I keep “.mozilla” and some others.

When I next login to a desktop, it is like login as a new user. And I have to configure my desktop all over. Because I keep “.mozilla”, I don’t lose my firefox settings.

Hmmm I see! I will do that right now! Many thanks