How can I turn Caps Lock into another escape key? (13.1, gnome)

Hello, I recently started using opensuse 13.1, gnome version. I’ve only used ubuntu before this. I’m trying to make the caps lock key act as another escape key. I use a Dvorak keyboard. The rest of my question describes the highlights of the detective work that I did.

First I looked in yast -> system keyboard layout (and in the expert settings there) but I had no luck.

Then I started looking at some config files but I’ve become stuck. Here is what I found that I expect may be of use:

The directory /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols has 2 files that really interest me. They are ‘capslock’ and ‘us’. The capslock file has the lines:

partial hidden modifier_keys
xkb_symbols “escape” {
key <CAPS> { Escape ] };

I think this will do exactly what I want with caps lock - if only I could figure out how to “activate” these lines.

The file ‘us’ seems to have many different possible layouts for U.S. keyboards. I use the Dvorak layout. The file us has many different Dvorak layouts in it. I did not understand which of these I am using, if any. Something to note though is that these layouts do not seem to take the caps lock or escape keys into account.

The are 2 other files I found info in. /etc/sysconfig/keyboard seems to have lines that correspond to the options in Yast. Interestingly, there was the line:


So I found /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak/ , then I edited the line from “keycode 58 = Caps_lock” to “keycode 58 = Escape”. I expected to have to re-compile something but I couldn’t find anything. The directory /usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled is empty except for a README (which wasn’t helpful enough for me). I restarted the computer and found that nothing changed with my caps lock key.

Any help with this would be VERY appreciated!

I solved my problem!

The Tweak Tool -> Typing menu has a bunch of different choices for caps lock.