How can I transfer a dual boot Windows 10/Leap 15.3 to a new smaller drive

Current installation on desktop PC:
Windows 10 in two partitions
292.47 GB NTFS
0.50 GB NTFS
Leap 15.3 with Btrfs partitions

My home folder is on a separate hard drive

Problem: The current hard drive is 2.8 TB and the target SSD is 1TB

I have just transferred my old Acer with 1TB dual boot drive to a 1 TB SSD using Clonezilla and thought I could do the same. Alas I have fallen at the first hurdle!

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

You have to shrink the partitions to the size you want to go to the 1tb drive - Window will shrink their partitions.
Gparted should shrink linux partitions from a recovery image (it will not resize mounted file systems). I use ext4 and had no issues - I assume btrfs will shrink as well.

When they are small enough to fit - use clonezilla to copy them to the new drive a partition at a time.

Note you can not shrink XFS file systems

Then you will have to rsync them from one partition to the other. Another good reason to keep using the ext4 file system.

Thank you for your help.

I backed up both the windows and openSUSE partitions,
Used Gparted to shrink the Leap 15.3 Btrfs down to about 500 GB, moved the swap partition.
Checked that it still booted into both Windows and openSUSE,
used Clonezilla to clone the drive to the SSD.
Took me a couple of attempts before I found the flag to ignore drive size.
the PC is now working a treat:)

Thanks again