How can I switch from my KDE4 applications to GNOME apps

I have just installed open SUSE 11.1 and I loved it but I didn’t like the applications provided by KDE4 but i loved its the appearence.
So I want to remove all the KDE applications and I want to install thier GNOME alternatives(But not the GNOME appearence). I have downloaded the CD of KDE4 .Can you please help me

What are the applications you tried so far?
And, which one of them you do not like?

One must understand that KDE4 is very experimental, why its being pushed onto users i dont know but meh.
One can easily use Gnome apps in KDE4 though, what are you looking for?

there’s nothing experimental in KDE4, at least not in stable releases like 4.2.3

No I consider plasma still very experimental, also none of the KDE4 ports of my favorite KDE3 apps are as good as their KDE3 counterparts.
Amarok comes to mind, Amarok 1 is much better then Amarok 2.