How can I stream live music

How can i stream live music with Suse 11.4 if you know some programa i can use please let me know

This not a very clear question.

But you can do so in a browser or in applications like: VLC or Amarok

Open YaST -> Software -> Software Repositories -> use the search word icecast.

icecast - Audio Streaming Server
Icecast is a MP3 and OGG streaming server able to serve many clients with MP3 and OGG audio.

He means serving it, not listening (client).

I own a internet radio and i would like to broadcast live music with suse 11.4 before with 11.3 IDJC was the program I was using but with 11.3 IDJC stop working because use python 2.6 and suse 11.4 come with python 3

Try Icecast as suggested maybe that will help you get your radio back online :slight_smile:

I already fix the problem now I have my IDJC working with opensuse :slight_smile: