How can I sort software BY-SIZE in ncurses YAST?

I’m running headless server, and need to sort all packages in YAST by size. I can’t see the option in YaST anywhere.


I don’t think that is an option.

After a though you could output the lists using Zypper and then perhaps sort them maybe.

Check info zypper and info sort

I doubt that YaST can do this (after all who wants to do this?) even in the command line.
But rpm can list all installed RPMs and you can format the output and include the size in the output line. I do not know the size of what, the downloaded and compressed RPM, or the size after unpacking, or the total size of all files after installation, or even something else.
Read the man rpm page, but to give you a start:

rpm -qa --qf '%{SIZE}:%{NAME}

where the output is the size, followed by a : followed by tha name of the package. When you want more, like VERSION, etc, see

rpm --querytags

for possibilities.
I leave it to you to sort the output.