How can I set K3b to eject disk after ripping.

I have started to use K3b for ripping my CDs to flac files in order to put them on a NAS but have a few niggles with how it works.

I used to use Grip and in many ways preferred the interface and flexibility but had to change because I didn’t know how to increase the number of attempts made by cdparanoia to rip difficult tracks and Grip fell down on one particular brand new CD opera set.

After posting queries here Asunder was suggested, among others and although (I understand,) Asunder also rips using cdparanoia, it succeeded on a CD where Grip failed. It also had a reasonable interface and it was easy to adjust tagging before ripping. Unfortunately Asunder has recently failed on another CD so I decided to try K3b.

K3b allows me to adjust the number of retries and this has been sufficient to enable me to overcome the most recalcitrant CDs. Great, but in many other respects K3b is a pain to use. I cannot find how to get it to eject the CD once ripping has been completed. Even after the CD has been ejected the track tags remain in the display until a new CD is loaded and the tagging interface is limited.

I could expand but my purpose in posting is to sound out this forum, where I get great and quick advice, to ask if I am missing something or are these issues which should be addressed to KDE forum?

Grateful for any assistance please.

  1. k3b is supposed to eject check try: settings -> advanced -> miscellaneous -> uncheck “do not eject”

  2. for “track tags display” try: settings -> misc -> uncheck “keep action dialogs open”

Hi and thanks for the instant reply

Yes, I saw this option but “do not eject” is NOT checked. It also seems to apply to burning rather than ripping.

Will try second suggestion and thanks. Will report back tomorrow.

Thanks again,