How can I set another nvme disk mounted and permission automatically?

There are 2 NVMe disk installed on my motherboard.
The first one is installed for Linux operation system, the second one is used for my data.
How can set the second one can be mounted automatically, and unlock the permission automatically, that some GUI softwares can write it.

Go to yast partition manager and add the partitions to the folder you want

Or directly editing as root etc/fstab

I’m new to Linux, could you show me in detail?

Maybe first read SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE Wiki to get the basic information.

I assume you know ho wto start YaST? It is in in the main menu > System.
In YaST you find System > Partitioner. That is the tool that will help you in managing partitions and/or creating file system upon them and/or creating a mount point for them and/or creating an entry in /etc/fstab in order that the mounting will take place at boot.