How can I run a different Java version?

I have a program that needs java version 1.6.0_24 to run correctly, This version of SuSE comes with 1.7.0_09 and the program (thinkorswim) won’t work with it. Is there a way I can load and run 1.6.0_24 but also use the newer version selectivally? If worst comes to worst I guess I would need to have the older version installed permanently as I need the thinkor swim program.

thanks for any input

Have a look here. In this message thread a user dropped down to an older version due to video hardware support problem, but the procedure should also work for you.

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I also had a similar situation and started this thread, it may be helpful to you. Here

It is very much possible to install multiple versions of java in one OS. You will have to point to the right Java version when you run java programs.i.e The version you need.
If you are looking at Sun jdk the link for installables is Oracle Java Archive