How Can I Restore Windoze to Grub Boot Menu?

Laptop running 13.2 has boot installed on root on /dev/sda2 and windoze 7 installed on /dev/sda1 and dual booting used to work.

Following extensive efforts to repair windoze I ended up re formatting /dev/sda1 with NTFS and doing a new installation of windoze.

At some point in this process the windoze menu item on the grub boot screen disappeared so i now have either a working 13.2 or a working (if you can call it that,) windoze 7 but to boot I have to change the boot flag with live gparted to whichever system I want to run. How can I restore the menu item for windoze so that dual works again please?

First try: Boot your 13.2, go to YaST -> System -> Bootloader look if Windows is in the list of OSs in the tab “Bootloader Options”, choose your preferred Default Boot Section, click OK and Grub is re-written. On next boot everything should be as usual. :wink:

P.S. Make sure that “Probe Foreign OS” is set. you may have to change something (e.g. the timeout from 8 to 10 seconds) to ensure that a new config file is created.

Got it. Many thanks, all OK now.