how can I restore smpppd & kinternet?

OK. I admit it. I deleted these two programs on my openSUSE 11.0 box at home where I only have 56k dialup service available. It all started when my KDE 4.0.4 screen suddenly re-arranged itself and my modem quit working. I have tried installing from the cd that I downloaded from “get software” from this site. I used my broadband windows box at work to download the ISO and then I burned the Live CD for the original 11.0 intall. Installed fine in my 56k home machine and it ran great till the other day. I tried to fix the problem and ended up deleteing smpppd & kinternet in the process. (Real smooth move huh?) I have down loaded both programs to a USB drive on my windows box at work. the problem is that when I try to get them onto my home 56k machine, it tries to run the YUM file that I downloaded and immediately tries to find the repositories on the net. Of course this fails every time because I don’t have them on my machine! Just like my old dog chief chasing his tail! How can I obtain and reinstall these two crucial programs? I also am not sure that the modem even works properly anymore. It may itself be the problem…(creative labs external serial modem on /dev/Stty0) How can I test it with the tools I have in SUSE? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

You can manually install vi the rpm command;

sudo rpm -Uhv <name_of_rpm>
or if they are in there own directory
sudo rpm -Uhv *
then run
sudo /sbin/SuSEconfig

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I think there is a whole group of maybe a half dozen dependencies for Kinternet, including Wvdial, SMPPPD, possibly KPPP, and several others.

Do you still have all those? Hopefully, yes.

I am stuck on a very slow internet connection too, so what I do is just send away for my installation DVD’s. They only cost around $5-6.00 US. Assuming you are in the US, here are a of couple places to get cheap OpenSuse discs: - Buy Linux CDs and DVDs - New releases. Low prices.

Welcome to CheapBytes

I think you will soon outgrow your live CD install, and these discs have all the programs on them, so need to download anything.