How can I resize taskbar?

I use OpenSuSe 11.2 with KDE 4 desktop.
After plugging external monitor to my MSI Wind U100 notebook and then unplugging it I have an effect shown on a picture below. :\
This effect did not disappear after reboot.
The taskbar is now 800px wide (and it must be 1024px) because resolution of the monitor was 800x600px.

How can I resize taskbar? Excuse me if i name it incorrectly. It’s my first experience with SuSe (and Linux too) and I name taskbar because it was named so in Windows.

Right click the desktop
Unlock widgets

Now on the clock end of the taskbar notice a little cashew shaped icon
Click it and the adjust controls will show

This helped. Thank you. :wink:

We do what we can;)

I have a newbie question to add, if I have been playing with my panels and plasma desktop, I have accidentally removed the taskbar (letting me choose which currently running application I am after) and also I have lost the virtual desktop button with the tiny icons of the different desktops (1-4). At the moment, if i minimise an application, its gone which can be frustrating. Can anyone please help how to get either of these back? I’ve checked add widgets, and these two options are not on there anywhere,

am i doing something stupidly wrong?

am i doing something stupidly wrong?

Right click the Desktop Unlock widgets
Far right corner of the Panel click the cashew
When the panel expands, select add widget
add task manager
you may also need to move the new task manager

then lock the widgets from the right click desktop

fantastic, thank you so much, I was doing that, but kept looking straight past the task manager, unbelievable, and the switching desktop widget is called pager. thank you so much for your help.

No worries;)

I am pretty new to Linux and and have about 4 days of experience with Suse.

This may not be the right place but I couldn’t figure out how to start a thread or find one with my issue and this one seemed the closest.

I am wondering if there is a way to have a seperate taskbar for each virtual desktop?
I am running Suse 11.2


I’m not sure. never tried anyway.

You can configure different Desktops with different activities. From the cashew top right.

KDE 4.4 + Drag Windows to Rotate Cube - openSUSE Forums

hope this thread helps.
cheers, good luck!