How can I repair my installation?

Does opensuse have a repair setup
like windows that repairs the operating
system files? Or do we have to do a
whole new installation?
If not, is there a backup solution so I
can re-install opensuse and just use the
backup file to put all my programs
back etc?

When you insert and boot into the disc you used to install openSUSE the first time, there should be a repair option if I’m not mistaken. Try that out first and let me know, thanks!

I have tried this and I believe what I said is correct - look for “Rescue System” once you boot back into the installation medium :wink:

I select Rescue System but show me
“Rescure login’
Enter user and password. But error
'Login incorrect”

There is no longer a repair on the install disk, But you can do essential the same by doing an upgrade from the full DVD (note not available on the Live)

Since this brings the installation back to the beginning you will of course also need to do all the updates again.

Also you can do a zypper dup but you must be very careful do only include the base openSUSE repos

Zypper dup will bring all to the current versions. But you do not want any other repos that may have other versions of packages which may or may not be compatible active when you dup

Not that I’m aware of.

Or do we have to do a
whole new installation?

It depends on your problem; may be if you describe it, someone could suggest other solutions. For files installed by package you can always verify that they have not been altered and if necessary reinstall individual package(s).

Thanks to all for guidance
After upgrading the system works without problems

That’s great! I knew the install disc had something, but would not have guessed to use the “Upgrade” option. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: