How can I remove the individual Yast settings from LXQt preferences menu?

I am quite new to the LXQt and wonder how can I get rid of the individual yast setting items from the preference menu? Screen shot below. Most of them does nothing when click on…

Yeah, I agree and this happened a few distro versions ago and affects several DE…

I haven’t looked at LXQt,
But I wrote the following for the predecessor to LXQt (LXDE)…
If things still work the same way, you’ll find your answer in it.


This is because the (open)SUSE version of LXQt is well behind the current release; they all used to work until changes in QT which I assume have been addressed in the current release. Perhaps 15.2 will bring the necessary update.

Thanks, will check it out.

Certainly hope so…

If I have time,
I guess I’ll try to see what is happening in a new install, I have several LXQt machines running and fully updated, with no problems accessing YaST modules in Preferences although I usually don’t access them that way.

I don’t know what the reasoning was several openSUSE versions ago to splatter YaST modules all over the Preferences, but I feel it’s visual overload… It’s harder to find something with so many items displayed at once. Is why I more usually launch the YaST manager first, then find the module I’m looking for.

This format of listing all installed YaST moduels as regular menu items is currently SOP in practically all the “lesser” DE (not Gnome or KDE).

Ideally, I’d love to have a way to turn off this format in the beginning during installation instead of removing later… unless I suppose I could go in and remove each one at a time.