how can i print 4 pages on one list from the OO ?

how can i print 4 pages on one list from the OO ?


What you mean as in 4 pages scattered through the document? Perhaps it’s easier to export the document as PDF and use pdftk to extract the pages you want to print.

skoltogyan wrote:
> how can i print 4 pages on one list from the OO ?

like ken_yap, i have no idea what that means…
try telling us more about exactly what you want to do.

you have a list (of words, music, whatever) in 00, that is maybe 40
pages long, and you want to know how to print it on only 4 pages, maybe???

to do that just set up each page with three/four columns and flow it
so that each page has 10… or or or

or describe more, please…

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You can print a selection of pages from within OO; this option is in the print dialogue. If you want anything more sophisticated, like four pages reduced to one, export to PDF and use Okular.

There is text - 50 pages.
If to print contents of this text file 50 pages of the text will turn out.

I wish to print contents of this file that - on each page of paper have been located on 4 pages from file.


The export to PDF and use Okular to print four pages on one page - you will get 13 pages.

Ok, what you want is called 4-up. A search turned pdfnup from pdfjam:


Maybe someone has packaged it. I don’t have any experience with it but it looks interesting.

I`m found how.
Print Preview | properties print |
(*) ALBOM and
Lines = 1
Columns = 4

And after this - print