How can i make SMplayer open "more than 1 instances" for vid

In VLC media player, one can run two different video files with it at once. With SMPlayer, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I was wondering how this would be overcomed.

I’m also wondering how default programs for opening certain files like video can be changed? I’m also wondering how i can change my defauly file system browser from konqueror to dolphin.

AFAIK there is an option in preferences > Interface to chose one or many instances. With many it’ll open a second file in a second window, and so on.

In KDE this can be done in the control center file associations setup. Check KDE’s help for it. In Gnome you have a similar option, I believe.

Thanks i was able to get Smplayer to run more than 1 instance. But i still can’t find the Control Center

If you’re running KDE 3.5, you find it the menu as Configure Desktop (KDE Control Center).