How can I login with fingerprint with opensuse 11.4?

I have a thinkpad T510i with fingerprint reader.
The device is detected by opensuse 11.4.
I have enabled the reader in yast, went to the user management, selected my user and started the fingerprint plugin to read my fingerprint.
The readers green led is on and it asks me to move my index over the reader.
When I do this, it says registering fingerprint done, do it again, Sucessful prints: 1 (the equivalent in german). Ok, I do it again and the message changes to Successful prints: 2 and so on until it says fingerprint was sucessfully registered.

And now? This is all i get:

$ su - joba
Could not locate any suitable fingerprints matched with available hardware.

I cant find fingerprints anywhere on the disk.
Where should they be located?
What names would the files have?

I just did an online update and rebooted. Have not seen any related packages updated, but now it works.
Fingerprints are in ~/.fprint

It is still a little clumsy in kdm, because i have to press return and then use the mouse to click on an OK button before I can scan, but that is a minor problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing you experiences. Fine to know it works under linux. I’ll be switching to fingerprint access pretty soon …