How can I install the linux-headers?

This is the question. I’m in process to install Debian OS, but this OS not support my wi-fi card, so I have build a .tar file from a makefile, but I can’t do this because I have not installed the linux-headers (this is told me in the IRC of Debian).

So, how can I install the linux-headers?

This is not the Debian support forum but it should be: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

If you cannot use wired to download them, you need to get the headers .deb and dpkg -i the package.deb

I know, but currently I’m working in OpenSUSE, this is why I wrote here :smiley:

You want to compile the driver for Debian in openSUSE?

Won’t work without some considerable trickery. Also I edited my command as I realized I was wrong.

Well, the problem is that the company of my wi-fi card just provide one package for linux, and is .tar.bz2, and when I descompressed this package, I found that I have built with linux-headers :S do you know if is possible other way?

If you wish to build the module for openSUSE install: kernel-source, kernel-devel and kernel-(type)-devel
As far as I am aware that should provide what you need; but you will also need libtool, make and gcc, to build it.

Hope someone else might verify that this is corrrect, but I think it should suffice.

The thing is the kernel sources used to build a driver need to match the kernel that will use it, while in theory it is possible to cross build it’s best to make that kernel on the OS that will use it, you can get the kernel source the same place you’ll get the kernel from and they need to match (the debian DVD or online repo)
for debian wifi see this haven’t used debian in a long time but they probably have a repository similar to our packman that keeps build packages, as the (x)buntu’s are based on debian you might be able to find a deb file over there