How can I install PAE.

my motherboard will arrive in few weeks and I like get the taste of PAE.
Could you please help me out to install on my old motherboard with 2GB ram.
So I will not asking again later,so I can be prepared for the new Motherboard and other hardware.

Thx :wink:



I’ll provide screenshots.

Open Yast Software Management. Search for kernel-pae.](

Put a check next to kernel-pae, and kernel-pae-base. You can also do kernel-pae-extra for modules not supported by Novell.

Click accept.

Wait for it to download and install.

Restart your computer.

Upon boot you’ll see an option with PAE in it. Choose that. That will boot you up with the PAE kernel.

Good Luck,


Hi ijbreakey,

I`m in trouble with that Warning Sign>:),

Kernel-pae- conflicts with libc.so6()(64bit)
provided by glibc-2.9-2.11.1.x86_64:.

I just wondering is the one glibc-2.9-2.11.1.x86_64 make me problemo?.
Conflict Resolution:
() do not install kernel-pae-

Source Timestamp: 2009-03-31 14:50:44 +0200 GIT Revision: 23c791d70fe628d2d28a4aac869684089bcd3193 GIT Branch: SLE11_BRANCH
I looked in version of kernel-pae-base
should I use first from repo-oss?
I installed two or three months ago and it was working perfect.

Thx ijbreakey for helping me.


If you are running 64-bit arch already, you don’t need PAE. PAE is for 32-bit arch.


so I dont need itrotfl!rotfl! Im happy camper.

ken_yap special thx on you I really happy to know.
Thank you again

I raelly thx to ijbreakey trying to help me out and from the past question`s.

Thx all of yourotfl!