How can I hibernate/suspend from command line?

hi====How can I hibernate my laptop using command line?

systemctl hibernate


systemctl suspend


This is related to Hibernate.

I had 5 swap files (5 disks, 1 swap/disk) shown in the fstab. The installer configured all 5, but I kept the one swap file that is on the same disk as Leap 4.2. I removed the other swap files from the /etc/fstab and redeployed them.

Now on a fresh boot or a reboot, I have to wait 1.5 minutes for a timeout for a swap file that is no longer in the system and also not in the /etc/fstab. If I recreate a replacement swap file, it will have a different UUID=. What to do? What to do?

I am running KDE with 8 gigs ram?

In my view, every swap file should be managed by /etc/fstab. Why should I be getting an error message for a missing swap file at boot time?

Did you update the bootloader to point at the correct swap file (/dev/sdXn)? YaST -> System -> Bootloader and the Kernel tab.

You probably need to fix the disk ID in the bootloader resume line.

Yast->Bootloader->Boot Loader Options

Similar to this:

resume=/dev/disk/by-id/**ata-WDC_WD7500BPKX-00HPJT0_WD-WXW1E64PAJ74-part4** splash=silent showopts

It probably does not match the ID of the new swap file, but instead still has the ID of the old swap file. Replace the part (in bold, above, in the case of my system) of the swap location ID to match the new swap location.