how can i get the rights to use in the consol ./install


can you please help me i’m very new in the LINUX scene and don’t know why i cannot use


even though i’m su :\ for installing compiz

and what does the option


mean which u can choose in YaSTs user management.:\

thank you very much for any replies and any help


Installing or un installing is in opensuse normally done with yast
Yast means more or less Yet a Other System Tool
But did you also enable the 3D function of you,re graphic card ? In other words is driver loaded


suse does recognize my ati x1900 gt, but it does not recognize that it is an gt edition, therefore i wanted to install the ati drivers so i can use 100% of the KDE4 desktop stuff (e.g. changing the screen to a ball etc.) but for installing the driver i need to install compiz.

maybe im wrong but i thought i have to install it like going into the folder and entering into the consol ./install after entering su state.

when i have to install it through YaST that it is much easier than i thought.
so YaST is the installation wizard of suse like microsoft installer… or so?

and something else its of topic but can i upgrade all the software on the computer through YaST?

thanks very much for ur help

Let start with Yast
Yast = Yet a Other System Tool , beside installing and un installing it will do lot more than that only.
If the file you try to install is a rpm while you can try to do it with RPM command if you are root and type man rpm it gives you the syntax
But if you succeed to install it using yast than you do not have to worry about it ,when you,re updating
So what kind of file did you try to install ?
My graphic card is a Nvidia Gforce so all I have to
do is add suses Nvidia repositories to my software repositories and Yast took care of the rest
Upgrading can also be done using Yast
Do not try to compare opensuse and Windos they are totally different

i don’t wanted to compare windows and linux i just ment that yast has first the function of win installer and as i see even more than that,

anyway i solved my problems with yast thank u very much