how can i fix Ocular

I am using openSuse 11.4 64bit version. Since installing, okular has not worked,crashes. I learned from a previous post that a bug was reported

Having been there recently i found that the issue has been solved, what i would like to know is how, it doesn’t say on that site,following the links did not help

Thank you

Comment #7 in that report links to a fix
But I would ask first, what version of kde are you using? Is it just the default shipped with 11.4?

Patches for the bug came through recently. I think it was last week.

If you have not applied them, then try an online update.

caf4925, i have the version shippped with 11.4.

The version originally installed appears to be 4.6.0-6.9.2. The version currently available in the repos is 4.6.0-6.11.1. That latter version solves the crash problems for me.