How can I find out about my Firewall

How can I find out about my Firewall if is running alright or someone screw up my firewall and how can I look into who is trying to break into my computer.

I`m using suse11.1 KDE4.1.

Please could someone helping me out and I appreciate it:).


The firewall is ON by default from Install. You can check in Yast Security/Users - Firewall.

Testing site:
Test Your Firewall

I went hackerwatch and click on Simple port after few second I get that:

Generate Port Events

The server will now send packets to your computer.

You will receive event warnings if:

* Your computer is connected directly to the Internet
* Your computer is not connected through a proxy server or NAT
* Your firewall is running 

Important: If your only connection to the internet is through a proxy server or NAT this test will not work as expected for you. Instead the proxy itself will be tested, and the results will not actually apply to your computer.

Press the ‘Hit Me’ button to continue.
It may take up to 2 minutes for a result to display.
I click on Hit Me few minutes later I get that error:

Error: Access is Denied.

msxml3.dll error ‘800c0005’

The system cannot locate the resource specified.

/probe/hitme.asp, line 57