How can i disable my Sound Card?

hey please i need help,

i just bought a audio card a Genius card 5.1, but is not working on linux, i need to get the correct driver, it works fine on windows, so while i get the driver i want to be able to disable it and use the integrated one on linux and use the 5.1 on windows, and i want to do that whitout having to take the card out of my computer, because thats what ive been doing so far :’( , please help me!!!

Just delete the card in will display as unconfigured & will not be used until configured


ill try, the thing is that i have to take that out because my computer freezes whenever linux starts, because a driver conflict, and im not able to do anything , sometimes it will let me work for 1 min , sometimes 10 min, but ill try to disable it from yast and see if that works, thanks for your response

Thanks i just went to yast, and i disable the sound card and enable the integrated one and it works fine thank you