How can I create a splash screen ?


I’m looking to make a few splash screen and share with you all.
Do you know where I can found the information to do it ?

Any feedback wlll be welcome (if it’s on this issue of course)



Assuming openSUSE 13.2 then you want plymouth-devel for writing the splash plugins. If you use zypper se plymouth you will see some others available which should give you a good starting point.

To which “splash screen” do you refer? The splashes that are seen appear in this order:


  • See Grub2 documentation to alter its splash … if you’re not using Grub2, then consult the documentation of the boot manager or loader that you’re using


  • kernel bootsplash … consult plymouth documentation
  • Display Manager greeter screen … consult relevant DM (i.e. KDM, GDM, lightDM, SDDM, … ) documentation to change backgrounds of greeter
  • Desktop Splash … consult relevant desktop (i.e. KDE, GNOME, … ) info

If you want to modify the Bootloader (Grub background), I wrote a script that does this easily…

For up to 13.1, an alt background is provided, if you wish you can use your own instead.
You can also modify the appearance, layout and position of the text.

In 13.2, the option to change the background is simply disabled but still in the code, you only have to uncomment the command and provide your own image.