how can i convert this command in a opensuse readable command?

I need to install apache and modwsgi with some special configuration, so I search the tutorial for it on net.

And in some step, I have problems:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2–enable-mods-shared=most–enable-rewrite–enable-forward–with-mpm=worker


it seems that the system does not recognize the command “with” .
Actually I have no idea about what this “with” is doing. Just hope if someone can help me convert this command into a openSuSE readable command with the same functionality. :slight_smile:


You need to run the help to see what the actual commands are;

./configure --help

You need spaces in front of the --with-blah-blah, and in fact all the options starting with --. You’ve run it all together.

And when you wouldhave copied/pasted those computer liines within CODE tags here, that would have been more obvious from the beginning: Posting in Code Tags - A Guide

Thanks so much lol!