how can i control on 40 pc installed openSuse

i installed opensuse leap on 40 pc how can i control on all those clients
any tools like domain

You’re wanting to manage these machines centrally? If so, search for Linux configuration management applications. Machinery is one that comes to mind, and there are a number of proprietary solutions to choose from. It depends on your exact requirements really.

These guides might be useful to you with respect to AD support/configuration…

Not specific to openSUSE, but most Admins I know use chef and puppet to manage large numbers of machines.

If you’re familiar with working with AD (Your reference to a domain),
You should know that OpenLDAP which is often described as an alternative to AD is supposed to mainly provide network security and directory lookup info, and not have the PC management features you will find in AD(for Linux)… But, since AD can be considered little more than an extension of LDAP, you can also consider solutions that extend AD to support managing and configuring Linux machines.

I don’t check regularly, but AFAIK the main and longest existing options for managing Linux PCs using Active Directory are

Centrify (commercial product)
Last I checked, Centrify does a really good managing all PC systems including Linux

FOSS, but may be a project on life support or worse. May still be available in Ubuntu/Debian but I don’t see anywhere else. Sourceforge says last documents update was 2 years ago, last core update was at least 4 years ago. So, might still work to extend Windows Server AD 2012, but YMMV for anything later.

Looks like there are a number of new cloud-based solutions that promise management, but I have no experience or knowledge with them.

If you do a Google search on the subject, you’ll also return a number of hits that describe how to manually extend your AD, but I’d be surprised if they’re sufficient… Still worth taking a look at for anyone who is willing to spend some time researching…