How can I contribute my scripts to the Linux community?

I’ve developed numerous bash scripts over the years, ranging from simple utilities to very elaborate games. My latest script is an animated bash version of Freecell that can be configured in every way – e.g., number of suits, cards, colors, board rows, cells, pattern, decorations. I’d like to share these scripts with others. Any suggestions?

Create a ‘Cool Tool’ on the SUSE Conversations/Communities site. Not only
can you share there, but the Conversations site will show your work once
it is approved (takes a few days I think) and you can also get points
which you can redeem for some tangible benefits.

The Communities/Conversations content is crawled by Google, so it is
public and available to the world though hosted here.

Other options, specific to openSUSE, include adding your code to your OBS
repository on which can then build an RPM
(or other type of package fro other distros) for you to share with others
directly via a hosted, online repository.

Other options include sites like SourceForge or GitHub.

Thank-you for sharing.

Good luck.

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Have a look at my blog and how I post a bash scripts using SUSE Paste : N.S.F. - New Script File, Bash Script File Header Creator - Version 2.6 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums and you can create a forum message about it here Programming/Scripting with your Freecell as a great starter. This is in addition to the other good sharing suggestion made.

Thank You,

If you were doing applescript I would send you to this site, MacSrcripter.

Is there an equivalent site for Bash or other?

Thanks for the help, everyone. I have decided to upload my animated bash Freecell to The file is:

[Bash] bash super #freecell# -](

I’ve put it there initially for one week.

The script features just about everything you’ve ever wanted to see in Freecell, apart from graphics. You can control:

: number of freecells
: number of board rows
: number of cards per suit
: suit symbols and number of suits
: initial card pattern

The script times the game and counts moves and distinguishes between user moves and automatic moves. It saves the results and sorts the results files on whatever field you want.

The script also features several animated decorations
: a left-margin decoration that varies as the moves are performed
: a frame train that travels zig-zag around the frame while waiting for user input
: a quotation sifter that reveals the randomly selected quotation as the game approaches completion

The frame-train employs the use of “coproc” – the script runs the train while the coprocess reads user input

Have lots of fun!

I first tried SUSE Paste . The result was error 1153 “Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet_bytes”. I was unable to get Paste.OpenSuSE to accept an my open-id for login, so I was posting as a guest. Paste.opensuse did not indicate what the size limit is.