How can I change the Déjà Dup backup time?

Deja-dup makes a backup at night around 3:00, but it should be changed e.g. 19:00 (= 07:00 pm?).
Where / how would I edit it?
Déjà Dup version 40.6
Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200824 / KDE Plasma Version: 5.19.4

I found anwer for this “issue”.

SchedulingDéjà Dup does not use cron or similar schedulers. Rather, it starts a program deja-dup-monitor when you log into your session. This keeps track of when you last successfully backed up and will wait until the next scheduled backup.
It determines exactly when the next scheduled backup is largely on its own, based on the user’s preferences about whether to backup once a day, once a week, etc. There is no way to currently specify “as close to 4AM on Thursday as possible”. See issue 111 for the related feature request.
Why Not Cron?A monitoring program is used because access to the user session is useful for:

  • prompting for passwords
  • displaying status in the panel
  • watching for events like plugging in a remote disk or becoming connected to the Internet

One disadvantage is that a backup can not be started while a user is not logged in. The primary use case for Déjà Dup is backing up user data, so this is not a large concern, as user data is unlikely to change while the user are not logged in.