How can i change my display name

How can I change my name i.e being displayed ?

Yast → security and users -->< user management. Highlight name → Edit → change the username → change home directories if you wish as well

Ha Ha ha :slight_smile: not in my system in this forum… :slight_smile:

contact Admin staff or Kgroneman


What planet was I on this morning I wonder – not this one :eek:

Too late. We already know who you are.


> Ha Ha ha :slight_smile: not in my system in this forum…

Now THAT was funny. :slight_smile: The forums don’t use their own login system, but
rather the openSUSE (Novell) login system used throughout the openSUSE web
site. The forums uses your Novell ID as your ID here in the forums.

If you find yourself with an ID that you don’t want, the easiest thing for
you to do is to create a new Novell Login ID and login under that new ID.
Done. If you would like, you can let us know what the new ID is, and we
can either merge the two IDs OR change the ID on the old account if you
haven’t logged in with the new account yet.

If you want your ID changed so you can keep the same email address (each ID
requires a unique & valid email address), you should use the CONTACT US
link at the bottom of any forum page and give details about why you want it
changed and what you want it changed to. We can then change the user ID in
the Novell Login for you and either rename your old forum account or merge
it into the new one.

Make sense?