How can I auto configure windows mount?

If I mount the windows filesystem as read/write then if I start Suse 11.1 after shutting down Windows it works fine. If I start Suse after I hibernated Windows then I cannot see anything on the windows filesystem. If I mount windows as read only then I can read the windows filesystem after hibernating or not but cannot write to it in either case. How can I have it read only if Windows was hibernated and read/write if Windows was shutdown?


You can’t the file system is closed when it is hibernated


I do not want to write when Windows is hibernating, I just want to be able to read. I do want to be able to read and write when Windows was shutdown. I do not want to need to edit fstab and change from ro to default or the reverse and run mount again depending on how Windows was brought down.

The problem here is you asking for something that is not possible AFAIK.
You either have to mount it in ro so that you can access while hibernated OR use with rw only when windows is shut down.
You have to choose to con a phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it”


OK. Just wondering if a solution exists. Thanks.