how burn CD/DVD?

Hi! I need burn a few disks, but when I start Brasero I give a some bugs-report. And when I try to use K3b, its cant manage stated problem too, because were a some errors… Maybe I had problems with K3b cause I use Gnome. But why my brasero work wrong? Or, maybe, u advise me some other good application?
And how to do a multisession in brasero, in particular?:embarrassed:

Which K3b are you using? The KDE3.5 version works OK for me but I get problems with the KDE4 version.

rpm -q k3b

When openSUSE-11.1 was first released, there was a bug affecting CD burning, that may have been subsequently fixed.

Anyway, one of the work arounds that worked for some users was to add their Linux users to group cdrom and group disk.

Also you may want to run k3b from konsole to see the exact error messages you get. It will help a lot.